Select Your Stylist

Selecting your new stylist is just like meeting any new friend. It’s personal. It can be all-magic-all-at-once or it can take some time to discover a good fit. We are here to help you find the perfect stylist for you, one that you will like and come to trust. Contact us by email or by telephone at 703.821.8600 and let us make a solid introduction.

Our stylists have individual strengths, distinct artistic vision, and different levels of experience to better match your individual needs.

Associate Stylist

Our Associates work as personal assistants to our Executive Stylists as they apprentice and prepare for their own careers. Our Associates attend continuing technical education and regional hair shows to help them grow artistically and professionally.


Cuts and blow dry $65-$75

This position connotes a stylist who is new to DOLCE VITA or has fewer than ten years of experience, or both. Our Stylists are accomplished professionals who attend technical education offered by our own educators as well as formal training outside the salon.

Master Stylists

Cuts and blow dry $75-$90

With more than eight years of experience–and demonstrated mastery in cutting, coloring, styling, updos, and extensions–our Master Stylists also specialize in at least one area. Our Masters also attend technical education inside and outside the salon. This position is the heart of our salon and the most popular choice among our guests.

Executive Stylists

Cuts and blow dry $95-$110

Not every stylist is cut out to be an Executive Stylist at DOLCE VITA, but those who are become our leaders. With over ten years of experience, and strong guest followings, our Executives create art and guest satisfaction at the highest levels. Not only do they continue their technical education they instruct us and nurture our artistic vision as a salon.